HNL Runway 8L-26R Widening


The RW 8L-26R Widening Project involves the complete rehabilitation of HNL’s second principal runway in two separate phases. Orion is currently providing engineering services for Phase 1, and has been asked to provide services for Phase 2. One key project component to the pavement design was to re-establish the runway to a 200-ft wide full strength pavement to accommodate Group VI aircraft. The RW 8L-26 R project includes: surveying, geotechnical investigations, pavement design, developing design drawings and bid documents, and construction administration services.

Key Components

  • Orion was brought in to review the current design and modify to meet the FAA AC's
  • Reviews resulted in the need for a complete redesign of RW 8L-26R Phase 1 project, including civil and electrical plan sets
  • Performing supplement geotechnical and topograhic survey to permit design modifications
  • Pavement analysis/design optimization, which allowed for the re-use of AC pavements in areas previously showing full reconstruction
  • On-line design workshops with civil and electrical professionals to facilitate the fast-track nature of the redesign
  • Fast-track design allowed the Orion Team to complete the majority of the redesign in a period of two months, a process that would normally take up to six months to complete