OAK Runway 12-30 Rehabilitation South Field

2017 - 2019

The project consisted of the complete rehabilitation of the middle 8,500 feet of Runway 12-30. The rehabilitation strategies consisted of milling varying depths of existing AC pavement to remove distressed surface courses throughout the runway and high-speed taxiway connectors and replace with FAA specified P-401 AC (approximately 80,000 tons). Accomplishing this amount of paving rehabilitation work in a 2-week runway closure period required a 24 hour per day/7 day per week construction effort.

In addition to the civil work, more than 880 airfield lights (AFL) were replaced or reconfigured to remove concrete collars that were continually generating FOD as they deteriorated over time. AFL rehab work consisted of runway centerline, taxiway centerline, and touchdown zone lights.

To maintain wide-bodied aircraft operational use of OAK during construction, TW Whiskey was converted to a temporary runway. The commissioning of TW Whiskey as a temporary runway required new flight procedures and passing flight check, temporary airfield lighting, signing, pavement markings, and installation and commissioning of temporary VISAIDS.

Key Components

  • Converted a taxiway to a temporary runway while rehabilitating primary runway
  • Echelon paving on the final lift of P401 AC pavement to reduce joint maintenance
  • Designed and engineered light can extension replacement to remedy FOD concerns with deteriorated concrete collars
  • Conducted airspace and obstruction surveys to develop flight procedures associated with the temporary runway
  • Provided Design and Construction Management services in support of a $67 million runway rehabilitation project