Runway 3-21 at LNY Airport

2017 - Present

Lanai Airport (LNY) is the only airport on the Island of Lanai. It consists of a single runway with an apron area and connecting taxiway. The LNY Reconstruct Runway 3-21 project consists of a mill and overlay of the runway, taxiway, and apron areas; full-depth pavement repairs on the taxiway; and construction of new shoulders along the runway and taxiway. A topographic survey and geotechnical borings were performed as part of the design. Bore hole data was used to evaluate the existing pavement thickness and subgrade conditions and to determine a new pavement design section using the FAARFIELD pavement design software. In addition, drainage and erosion issues previously observed at the airport will be corrected.

During the preliminary design efforts for the project, Orion identified that the current runway geometry is not in compliance with FAA design standards. For example, the last quarter of the runway is too steep and exceeds the maximum recommended slope. In addition, the vertical curve is too narrow and has a span that is less than the recommended minimum distance. Orion developed cost estimates and estimated schedule durations to correct the geometry deficiencies and to construct changes to the existing geometry.

Key Components

  • Conduct topographic surveys and subsurface investigations; generate and submit environmental permits
  • Design pavement rehab for runway, taxiway, and aprons
  • Design new pavements for runway and taxiway shoulders
  • Design of airfield lighting modifications to permit the construction of new runway and taxiway shoulder pavements