Kapolei Parkway 12-inch Waterline


This project consists of installing approximately 1,900 lineal feet of new, 12-inch waterline in Kapolei Parkway on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The new waterline will connect two existing water systems offering redundancy in providing a reliable source of drinking water to residents. Orion will provide design services for the project to plan and implement an effective, efficient solution with minimal disruption to residents and existing structures.

The major challenge for this project is the presence of known contaminated soils in the surrounding area and the crossing under a historical railroad. Research and soil investigations will be performed to determine the extent of the contaminated soils; findings will be incorporated into the design to minimize impacts during construction. Likewise, up-front coordination with the State Historic Preservation District (SHPD) is critical for determining the regulatory requirements and construction constraints for the new waterline that will be installed under the historic railroad.

Key Components

  • Conduct topographic survey for existing utility locations and tie-in to existing waterline
  • Conduct geotechnical investigation on soil properties
  • Conduct environmental historical research to confirm extent of contaminated soils
  • Coordinate with SHPD and Hawaii Department of Transportation for crossing underneath a historical railroad
  • Design and incorporate corrosion control plan
  • Install nearly 1,900 feet of new water line